The idea that you have to wake up very early to beat the early morning rush hour to get to your office has come under huge scrutiny, lately. The old way of working is becoming a hard sell and many workers will prefer companies that are innovating the way they work; by providing flexible and remote working capabilities.

There is a need for a transformation of the way we work. This should be characterized by decentralization, as workplaces move from commercial centers to residential communities in what we call Proximity Workspaces.

We are convinced of the need for a professional workspace to be available everywhere – whether in commercial centers or residential communities; and the benefits of Proximity Workspaces far outweigh whatever demerits it may have if any.

With a national spread of Proximity Workspaces, the pathway to a more inclusive economy can be achieved with the following benefits:

· Boosted local economies from the retaining of employee expenditure within the locality, and improvement of job opportunities for local residents through direct and secondary employment linked to the workspaces.

· Improved local communities through additional investment in infrastructure and amenities that will benefit the community.

· Seasonal job opportunities for artisans within the community to fit-out existing office spaces and retrofit them to serve as Proximity Workspaces.

· Sustainable jobs created to run the spaces. These include receptionists, cleaners, maintenance and security staffs

· Jobs that are attached to companies that use the Proximity Workspaces.

· The presence of Proximity Workspaces offer local procurement and multiplier effects with employees and clients stimulating the local economies through business procurement activities, as workers residing within these communities, would very likely be spending a good portion of their salaries much closer to home on things like lunch, post-work drinks, and convenient services such as dry-cleaning.

· Improving the quality of life for the local workforce by reducing commute times and creating a better work/life balance.

If the growth of Proximity Workspaces continues, then we can say the days of exclusive economies are coming to an end.

Welcome to the inclusive economy powered by Proximity Workspaces!


  • Mark Chapman
    Posted May 25, 2017 2:47 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for the amazing opportunity to work with you as a client and as a coworker! I loved the vibe and the outcome of our cooperation. You do great!

    • Martin Moore
      Posted May 25, 2017 2:49 pm 0Likes

      Your website looks awesome on any device. This is just perfect for my project!

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