Enterprise by Musterpoint

Standalone Office

Does your company need a standalone office space that is entirely branded and staffed by you but executed and operated by MusterPoint? We provide corporate solutions that accommodate your company size. Workstation guarantees decreasing operating costs, increasing employee happiness and enabling flexibility for your team.

Meeting Privacy

Desk & Cabinet

Internet & Others

Remote Satellite Office

Do you want to reduce stress and loss of productive time by employees who have to spend hours commuting to commercial centres on a daily basis? Our remote satellite office solution will enable companies’ to easily open satellite operational offices at residential clusters in Lagos and other commercial cities across Africa.

How It Works
  • Analysis of your workspace needs by our team.
  • Sourcing and selection of suitable commercial building.
  • Configuration of office layout to suite your clients needs and operational style.
  • Quick and efficient workspace build-out.
  • Manage workspace operations after build-out.
  • Design of 3D concept of the office layout.