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    A Day in the Life of a Creative Media Agency Lead, Amaju.

    We are excited to bring you another edition of our captivating blog series, which offers an exclusive glimpse into the bustling world of a Creative Media Agency Lead.

    The series is set within a vibrant tech hub that provides coworking services. Follow us as we immerse ourselves in the daily adventures of Amaju, a seasoned professional who orchestrates the agency’s creative endeavours while embracing the dynamic atmosphere of a coworking hub. 

    Join us on this exciting journey as we unveil how Amaju navigates creative challenges, fosters client relationships, and ignites innovation while thriving in a coworking space’s collaborative ecosystem.

    8:00 AM: Energizing Mornings and Team Synergy in the Coworking Oasis

    Amaju’s alarm buzzes at 6:00 am, she loves to go on a quick run to set her mind right for the week. At 7:00 am, she is ready to set out to the hub which is a 30-minute commute from where she resides. 

    She is warmly greeted by the hub support and steps into a clean and relaxing office, while checking emails and messages, reviewing the schedule for the day, and prioritizing tasks. With a cup of coffee in hand, she prepares to dive into a full day of creative endeavors.

    8:30 AM – Team Meeting

    The day starts with a team meeting led by Amaju. They discuss ongoing projects, share updates, and brainstorm new ideas, fostering collaboration and open dialogue to align everyone with the agency’s goals.

    9:30 AM – Client Presentation Prep

    Later in the day, she has a presentation scheduled with a potential client. They carefully review the client’s requirements, analyze current market trends, and collaborate with the creative team to finalize the pitch. The presentation will need to be engaging, showcasing the agency’s unique approach and innovative ideas.

    11:00 AM: Amaju meets with the design team to review the latest concepts and visuals for a key project that is almost complete. Together, they offer constructive feedback to ensure that the creative work aligns with the client’s vision and brand identity.

    12:30 PM: She takes a lunch break to recharge. Whether it’s a quick bite at the desk or a chance to step outside, this break provides a mental breather during a busy day.

    1:30 PM – Client Meeting

    The agency has a meeting with an existing client to discuss the progress of an ongoing campaign. Amaju leads the conversation, updating the client on the project’s status, addressing any concerns, and gathering feedback. Clear communication is key to maintaining strong client relationships.

    Her team leverages the offerings of the conference room within the hub which has large screens, a projector, and a flip chart for interaction.

    3:00 PM – Strategy Session

    After the meeting, they return to their 10-man private office allowing Amaju to have a private area while still being able to engage with her team for quick brainstorming sessions.

    She meets with the agency’s strategic team to discuss long-term goals, market trends, and potential expansion opportunities. They brainstorm strategies to keep the agency at the forefront of the industry, considering new services, technologies, and partnerships.

    4:30 PM – Project Management

    Amaju spends some time reviewing project timelines, budgets, and resource allocation. They ensure that each project is on track, deadlines are being met, and resources are being utilized efficiently. This involves collaboration with project managers and coordinators.

    6:00 PM – Networking Event

    The hub organizes monthly rooftop networking sessions for clients within the hub and also leverages external experts to come and share insights. Amaju attends these networking events to expand her community, pitch her business offerings as well and connect with like-minded individuals. 

    These events provide a chance to connect with peers, potential clients, and partners. Building and maintaining a strong professional network is crucial for the agency’s growth and success.

    After the event, she heads home for a quiet time and quick de-stress.

    8:00 PM – Wrap-up for the Day.

    Back at her home office, Amaju takes some time to wrap up any outstanding tasks, respond to urgent emails, and plan for the next day. They reflect on the day’s accomplishments and challenges, making notes for improvements and adjustments.

    Amaju’s role as the lead of a creative media agency is demanding, but her passion for innovation and commitment to excellence drive them to continually push boundaries and inspire their team to do the same while leveraging the ease and amenities of a tech hub in Lagos.

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