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    The role of social media in growing your small business.

    We’ve discussed starting a new business, and some strategies to sustaining it now we would like to get into how social media plays a crucial role in promoting your business and giving it the right reach it deserves. In recent times, social media helps small businesses engage with customers and create a two-way channel of […]

    How do I sustain a business I just started?

    Sustaining a business, in the long run, is the real challenge in as much as starting a new one is a significant milestone. A study by the Small Business Administration (SBA) shows that around 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, and nearly 50% fail within five years. Despite these alarming statistics with […]

    5 Tips for Building a Successful Business.

    Setting up a Startup is no small or easy feat, especially a successful one. We are in an era where a lot of businesses spring up on a daily and stiffen competition. If you want to stand out, you need to constantly improve the value of your business/startup so you can expand and grow. It […]

    Best Office Plans for your Business in 2023.

    Making personal New Year’s plans is great, but have you considered making work-related ones as well? Considering that the majority of us spend nearly a third of our lives at work, nevertheless, January is an excellent time to establish goals to improve both your company and general well-being.

    Hybrid Workspace Model: The Future of Work

    The definition of an office is forever evolving with the pandemic changing the idea of a traditional workplace. Organisations
    and employees alike had to adapt quickly and with vaccinations rollouts and gradual easing of restrictions, they have begun
    to reconsider the concept as well as purpose of an office space.